Book Marketing

If you have gone through all the publishing steps and want to begin promoting your book, we have you covered. Marketing is the crucial next step if you do not want to condemn your work to that unholy place where books die unappreciated. Fortunately, here at Okir Publishing, we specialize in helping authors engage new readers, build a loyal fanbase, and ultimately, sell more books through our results-driven marketing services.

Starting at $199 / release

Features Social Media News Release SEO News Release
Your website is displayed in an iFrame below your release YES YES
Your press release has no expiration YES YES
Optimized page title and meta tag based on your optimized headline and release summary YES YES
4 anchor text links within your press release YES YES
Embed an image YES YES
Headline syndicated on RSS Feeds YES YES
Ad-Free Press Release YES YES
Facebook & Twitter Stream YES YES
Social Sharing Buttons YES YES
Embed YouTube/Google Video or SlideShare Slideshow YES
Block Quotes YES
Add up to 3 file attachments (additional photos, PDFS, Excel Docs, etc) YES
Published on our network of partner sites YES
Headline Tweet YES
PDF Version of your press release created and published on DocStoc YES
Expert editorial and SEO review to help improve visibility and effectiveness of your Press Release YES
Interactive online report YES
Higher headline visibility YES
40+ FULL PAGE Syndications* YES
SEO Title Editing YES

Starting at $2,499

Features Multiplier Rainmaker Spotlight Block Buster
3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
Website Basic Advanced Advanced Premium
Dedicated Email 1 3 5 5
NR 1-month Social Media NR (3 Blasts) Social Media NR (6 Blasts) SEO NR (9 Blasts) SEO NR (12 Blasts)
SEO 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
Social Media Account Management YES, 3-mo management w/ 2 updated posts/article per wk YES, 6-mo management w/ 2 updated posts/article per wk YES, 9-mo management w/ 2 updated posts/article per wk YES, 12-mo management w/ 2 updated posts/article per wk
GoodReads Review with Email Blast for 200K YES YES YES YES
Monthly Post Fulfillment Report YES YES YES YES
Book Review - In House NO YES YES YES
Book Video NO NO Preview Book Video Panoramic Book Video
Book Fair Display& Promotion NO NO YES (Author's Choice) YES (Author's Choice)
Info Ad@ Author's Website NO 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months

Starting at $249

Creation of Social Media Accounts (Choice of 2 from Below Lists)
Personal Social Media Publicist
2-4 posts weekly on Author's Social Media Account/s
Author Education (Optional One-Time Tutorial)
Identification of a Target Audience
Online-Copy Assistance
Weekly Guidance
Post Fulfillment Report by the End of Campaign


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