Miami Book Fair

Be a part of the nation's largest and finest literary party!

Miami Book Fair 2018

What: Miami Book Fair 2018

Where: Miami Dade College, Wolfson Camh4us, Downtown Miami

When: November 11 to 18 (It’s an eight-day fair!); November 16-18 (Street Fair weekend, where publishers and booksellers sell books!)

Okir Publishing at the Miami Book Fair:

Okir Publishing is proud to be one of the 250 publishers and booksellers showcasing their author’s books at the fair’s Street Fair weekend.

Why join the Miami Book Fair (In other words, what you’ll be missing):

Previously known as Books by the Bay, The Miami Book Fair 2018 is the 35th annual literary festival in Miami hosted by its founder, the Miami Dade College. Bringing together more than 450 renowned national and international author and 250 publishers and booksellers, it truly is a bibliophile’s paradise. The Miami Book Fair states its mission as follows: “to promote reading, encourage writing, and heighten an awareness of literacy and the literary arts in the city’s multi-ethnic community.”

How to reserve a slot (for Okir to represent your book at the Street Fair):

Call Okir Publishing’s Sales Department at +1-307-201-6153 or contact us via email at


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