Who Cares Who Is Blue?

Who Cares Who Is Blue?


by Less Hariman


:   52 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710547


:   978-1642710540

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:   8.5 x 0.1 x 11 inches

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This is a poem about our skin. Do we like others for who they are or just because of the way they look? ************ In this era of social media and globalization, there can be no excuse for arbitrary exclusion of anyone who seeks to find a place in the world to settle and thrive. Yet such exclusion is pervasive the world around. In a speech to the UN on September 24, 2014, President Obama declared that "No children -- anywhere -- should be educated to hate other people. . . . no matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or what God you pray to, or who you love, there is something fundamental that we all share." How much of the hatred we wake up to each morning begins with learning to despise or to fear people whose skin looks different from our own? One of the most superficial differences between us is the colors of our skins; yet skin color can become a trigger for antipathy, discrimination, and violence. Fear of the other. Fear of the different. Fear of "them." Mankind needs to grow up, but only children can effect that in a lasting way. Children are not born hating; they have to be taught how; for they begin their lives without prejudice. Let's teach children instead that they are right. This is a book children can hear or read and enjoy because the words and pictures are fun and funny. It is a book adults should study!

Less Hariman


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