When Rivers Flow

When Rivers Flow

Breaking Through Barriers That Hold Us Back Spiritually :

by Dr. C. Randy White


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When Rivers Flow calls the believer to deal with what is often called small issues in his life that can easily be allowed to build become major blockages that prevent the flow of the Person of the Holy Spirit and His power in his life. In addition, it confronts us the reality of the much more of the Christian life when we are faithful to the One Who has saved us.

Dr. C. Randy White


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Dr. C. Randy White is a native South Carolinian. He is married to Margaret Taylor White. They have four children, 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. He is a graduate of Fruitland Baptist College, Anderson College (University), Luther Rice Semionary, Liberty University and Trinity Theoligical Seminary with a concentration inexpository preacing and pulpit communication. He has pastored churches in South Carolina, Florida and North Carolina. He became the Exective Director of Missions of the New South River Baptist Association in 2002. Ths is Dr. White’s fourth book.


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