Very Much A Woman's Book

Very Much A Woman's Book


by Peggy Warren


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:   Okir Publishing Inc.


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Very Much a Woman's Book is a collection of poetry and drawings—it’s my way of sharing my life’s experiences over a period of thirty years. Before publication, the collection was a gift to a special friend. I’ve rolled it up and tied it with a red ribbon. She, in turn, insisted that I publish what she called “every woman’s feelings.” With trepidation at exposing myself, I did so, only to find that 20,000 readers agreed. One reader wrote, “The simplicity with which Peggy expresses the complexities of our hearts is a divine gift.”

Peggy Warren


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Born in Toronto, Canada, Peggy has been an artist and painter all her life, forming her own publishing company when Very Much a Woman's Book was first printed. Peggy went on to write more books, but the woman's book was a huge success, so the focus on it was centered, and Peggy sold 20,000 copies. She retired and closed the publishing house in 1995, when she and her husband moved to the Colorado mountains. Peggy discontinued marketing, but goes on to sell from her website.


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