Time Dancer and the Potion of Invincibility

Time Dancer and the Potion of Invincibility


by Robert William Hult


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"These are reviews: Brace yourself for a riveting ride. Fourteen-year-old Bing Brown finds himself swept up in an extraordinary adventure in Time Dancer 1. After the tragic death of his family, Bing is convinced by a sage time traveler to go on a journey to reverse time and the horrendous events that killed his parents and sister. His travels take him far from his Washington Met-how Valley home, far from the idyllic life that he has always known. Caught up in the annals of history, he is forced to overcome time’s worst enemy, Adabega. Adabega, the shape shifting dragon-like enormity, is determined to control the world and all its dimensions. Bing and the time dancer launch a dire mission to destroy the monster so the teenager can return to his own time period and the family he loves. His success depends on the potion of invincibility whose components are scattered throughout the archives of time. He finds himself flying through prismatic dimensions to procure the Komodo blood, jaguar whiskers, whale breath, rhino skin and the feather of truth from ancient Egypt for the philter. The success of Bing’s quest will also determine the survival of a beautiful princess he met in King Arthur’s castle who is being forced to marry the evil Adabega. Author Robert Hult serves an ingenious feast and also offers up superlative tension, engaging humor and eloquent knowledge in this chivalric apologue. The reader can feel the heat of the dragon’s breath on his back as Bing flees to the next exploit. This concinnous story is fresh, exhilarating and destined to become a best seller. – Sheli Ellsworth From Vicky's Voice: Where can you visit a Time Stream, an Ocean of Memories, and the Matrix of Probable Events? You will have to read a new book by Robert William Hult called, Time Dancer 1. Bing Brown, the fourteen- year-old protagonist meets the senior Time Dancer, Tammud Tammur, who mentors Bing during a quest to find the seven ingredients for the Potion of Invincibility. This adventure is fast-paced and exciting when Bing meets Adabega, an evil sorcerer. Bing's powers enable him to change Adabega into books, balls, furniture, and even the Smithsonian! Hilarious! A must read if you enjoy science fiction. I cannot wait to read it to my third graders this school year."

Robert William Hult


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Robert William Hult has played dual roles for most of his life. At the same time he was a submariner, he was a student of animal behavior. At the same time he was a scientist, he was an practicing, published expert in dolphin, porpoise and whale behavior—a Cetologist. While he was a retailer for nearly thirty years, he was a filmmaker, and a writer of science, science fiction and history. As a caretaker, he has also been a book publisher and retailer. He has enjoyed all these endeavors and has written about all them in the various books, CDs, and CD Roms that he has produced and markets on his two websites: http://lasttradingpost.net and http://hegemonypress.org.




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