The Hand of Kali

The Hand of Kali


by Freya Dauth


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:   Okir Publishing Inc.


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Mimi lives a life of seclusion, not only from the world but from her own feelings. She lost her parents and husband in a fatal car crash years earlier in Pakistan and has since closed herself off from life and feelings. Now, all she has left is a collection of rare sacred objects and art—gifts from her parents. When she returns home one day to find her home and beloved dog savaged by burglars, her shock is so great that she can’t see the crime as more than what it is—a simple home invasion. But what Mimi doesn’t yet know is that the break-in is a targeted attack by a vicious cult whose members are determined to recover an ancient piece of sculpture Mimi inherited from her father. They believe that the sculpture of the hand of the goddess Kali, holding a sickle and noose, has supernatural powers—and they will stop at nothing to recover it from Mimi’s collection. Mimi’s solitude and peace of mind are threatened by these attacks, but ironically, this may be just what she needs to regain control of her life.

Freya Dauth


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My life has been an odyssey always seeking. Travel has been to unconventional places away from the tourists. I have lived in the big city and loved it, and have lived in remote country areas and also loved it. Animals have been a big part of my life, although I only have my 17 year old Jack Russell, Eddy left to me now. I love clothes and definitely exotic food and wine.


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