The Cracked Mirror

The Cracked Mirror


by Joseph Freeman


:   182 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710245


:   978-1642710243

Product Dimension

:   6 x 0.4 x 9 Inches

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:   9 Ounces


The Cracked Mirror is narrated in large part by Paul Cantor, a Los Angeles hustler, who once he begins to lose many of his friends, their murdered and mutilated bodies mounts up. Paul finds a way to blackmail a corrupt police officer to hand him information about the case and lets him begin his own manhunt. Little does he know that this journey will force him to confront his past in a manner that he has never imagined or dared to before. Paul’s anonymous letters to a local newspaper begin a series of mysterious phone calls with equal parts threats and lures. The death of his lover, and the threat of being the Falcon’s next victim. After police apprehend the wrong suspect, Paul sets out to find the Falcon himself; Paul follows the trail to Block Cove Santa Barbara. A trail that leads him on a bone-chilling journey with a disturbing past. Eventually Paul comes face to face both with the sadistic violence of the Falcon and a past that he is linked to by blood and that changes his whole perspective on the manner that he has lived his life, at once empowering him and forcing the birth of a new self. Readers looking for a mastermind of action and mystery won’t be let down by Joseph Freeman’s crime thriller, The Cracked Mirror. With twists and turns lurking among every chapter, readers are left asking “Who is the Falcon?” right down to the moment the Falcon’s identity is finally revealed.

Joseph Freeman


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Joseph R. Freeman, originally from Port Washington, New York, traded in the cold winters of the Eastern shoes for the warm climate of sunny Los Angeles, California, where he now resides. In addition to writing, Joseph is also an avid Epee fencer, and enjoys working out, and playing the guitar.The Cracked Mirror is Joseph's first novel. He is also currently adapting it to a screenplay.




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