Southern Discomfort

Southern Discomfort


by Stella Benzon


:   352 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710563


:   978-1642710564

Product Dimension

:   6 x 0.7 x 9 Inches

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:   1 Pound


Jory Berg Alexander is beautiful, talented, cultured, refined and well educated--a sophisticated young San Francisco socialite and a recent graduate of the oldest and most prestigious all-girls boarding school in the Maryland hunt country. She is also an accomplished equestrian who received national recognition at a young age. Her passion for riding consumes every aspect of her life, and nothing can derail her plans for success--until she meets Nat. He is unlike anyone she has ever known--undisciplined and arrogant, with a volatile temper and a southern accent nearly incomprehensible to her ear. He is handsome, charismatic, and charming when it suits him, but his charm hides a darker side of insecurity and ignorance. He is the product of a small rural town, rife with suspicion and steeped in a tradition of intolerance and prejudice. As their passion for each other grows, the differences between them intensifies; until betrayal and deceit finally creep in to poison and possibly destroy their relationship. Opposites may attract, but for how long, and to what end? In this novel, a San Francisco socialite unwittingly becomes involved with a rakish young man from the rural South while searching for ideal love.

Stella Benzon


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Stella Benson currently resides in Carmel-by- the-Sea, Californiawith her family, horses and dogs.


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