Southern Discomfort

Southern Discomfort


by Stella Benzon


:   352 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710563


:   978-1642710564

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:   6 x 0.7 x 9 Inches

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Jory Berg Alexander is beautiful, talented, cultured, refined and well educated--a sophisticated young San Francisco socialite and a recent graduate of the oldest and most prestigious all-girls boarding school in the Maryland hunt country. She is also an accomplished equestrian who received national recognition at a young age. Her passion for riding consumes every aspect of her life, and nothing can derail her plans for success--until she meets Nat. He is unlike anyone she has ever known--undisciplined and arrogant, with a volatile temper and a southern accent nearly incomprehensible to her ear. He is handsome, charismatic, and charming when it suits him, but his charm hides a darker side of insecurity and ignorance. He is the product of a small rural town, rife with suspicion and steeped in a tradition of intolerance and prejudice. As their passion for each other grows, the differences between them intensifies; until betrayal and deceit finally creep in to poison and possibly destroy their relationship. Opposites may attract, but for how long, and to what end? In this novel, a San Francisco socialite unwittingly becomes involved with a rakish young man from the rural South while searching for ideal love.

Stella Benzon


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Stella Benson currently resides in Carmel-by- the-Sea, Californiawith her family, horses and dogs.



Kathy Jack

This is a delightful read! It is heartfelt, heartbreaking and often hilarious. There is a sophistication in the telling of a truly misguided romantic relationship. A tale of conscience prevailing over seemingly overwhelming odds. The story rings true for anyone who has endured a similar experience. I especially enjoyed the dialogue between the two main characters that is packed with cultural references - both high and low. It is sleek, intelligently written and well crafted. You never really know just how it will end, but you're pulling for Jory to make the right decision. I anxiously look forward to more from this author.


We all go through hurdles when raising children and this is an example of just that. It is hard to fathom how and why Jory would choose the man in her life that she did, but those are questions we sometime can't answer, especially as parents. Intriguing story and looking forward to reading another one by Stella Benson.

Jane Consani

This book was a fun read. I felt like I was peeking into a slice of southern culture, parts of the book made me laugh out loud. A great fun read.


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