Seven II - God Reveals

Seven II - God Reveals

Understanding What Is Freely Given To Us :

by Cyntia D. Robinson


:   90 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   164271027X


:   978-1642710274

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Each chapter begins with a scripture, followed by a short story, and concludes with a powerful message. The stories were created to illustrate or teach truth. Although they are fictional, they could have happened. For example, Chapter Five: Abstruse is about three men (a professor a dentist, and a anesthiologist). They met while attending a sport training camp. The men just happened to have a common interest in climbing, hiking, and mountaineering. They realized that climbing Mount Everest was on eack one of their to-do-list. At first when they arrived, the men sat motionless, watching the ground shift. It was like a bunch of ice cubes were continually tumbling down the mountain wall. Yet, the beauty of the view at the top of the mountain made the earth's troubles seem even more horrifying!

Cyntia D. Robinson


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Cynthia Denise Robinson was born and raised, just walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She moved to the Virginia- Maryland metro area, where she raied her two children; Tellis and Brittany. Her relationship with God is the foundation for all she does. Cynthia Denise enjoys learning and applying the Holy Bible to her daily life. Her message is: God loves you more than anyone can.


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