Remembering Our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies

Remembering Our Black Trailblazers and Their Legacies


by Barbara A. Pierce


:   82 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English




:   978-1-64271-184-4

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:   8.5 x 11 Inches

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Sophie Virginias dreams of becoming a cowgirl is closer to being realized when she receives a short visit from her grandparents. The strong-willed four-year-old also learns a painful but valuable lesson during their visit. The experience is one she will certainly remember.

Barbara A. Pierce


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Author Barbara A. Pierce retired from the Mount Vernon School System in 2003.s\Since then she has written several books for children to enjoy in their leisure time. A few of her books will captivate the interests of adults as well. In each of her books, she includes concepts and skills worthy of reinforcing. Her readers seem to appreciate the fun and the challenges. She maintains that their positive response to her work inspires her to continue writing.


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