Out Of The Storm

Out Of The Storm


by Blessing Bassey


:   86 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


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:   978-1642710700

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Throughout the course of life we get caught in storms without any knowledge of how we are going to come out of them. We wonder where God is. We tend to question God for allowing us to go through these storms that almost end our lives. We cry and say things to God that we ought not say. We imagine things we ordinarily would'nt dare imagine, but we always have to remember that Jesus Christ paid a huge price on the cross to being us out of the storms of life. This did not mean believers would never face difficulties and sometimes tragedies in their lives. What is did mean is that he will be there to bring us out of life's storm.

Blessing Bassey


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Blessing E. Bassey is a believer, a teacher of the word, an intercessor, an anointed child of God whohas gone through the test of God to be approved as a true and honest child of God. The centraltheme of her message is to motive Christians all over the world that scripture is true and irrespectiveof our situation, life can be fun and better. She has earned degrees in Administration, ManagementScience and Gerontology. She is the author of “The Apparel of your Destiny”, “The DeborahGeneration Is Now” and the “Mercy Reign”. She is a Nigerian by birth, a Canadian who resides inNew York City, USA. She is born into a moslem home but with a Christian mother. She is currently aminister in “The Redeemed Christian Church of God” in New York City. She is married to Pastor PeterA. Bassey and they are blessed with three anointed children.






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