Happily Hippie

Happily Hippie

Meet a Modern Ethnicity :

by Paul Dougan


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Happily Hippie argues the Counterculture is a living 50-year- old ethnicity and explains Hippiedom’s ethnogenesis. We’ll learn how anti-Hippie demagoguery has warped American politics, how the War on Drugs is largely about persecuting Hippie-America and how today’s legalization movement is about Hippie-America fighting for social equality. Happily Hippie considers the Counterculture’s many accomplishments, including inventing the Personal Computer; it estimates over 30 million Hippie- Americans and includes crude demographic maps of Hippie-America. We’ll look at Hippies in philanthropy, Hollywood, sports, various arts, new medicine, the natural-foods industry, the Green movement and around the globe. We’ll see how stereotypes of Hippies echo those of other minorities, explore Hippie self-esteem issues, look at Hippie generational transfer, and do some fun media analysis. We’ll also consider the creation of a Hippie-American Ethnic Organization. A paradigm shifter, this original, interesting and important book will change your head; it can change this world.

Paul Dougan


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Paul Dougan is a Hippie-American living in Boulder, Colorado. A teacher, editorialist, writer, and activist, he seeks those willing to endorse and participate in a Hippie-American ethnic organization, a civil-rights organization for Counterculturists.


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