Gathering Peace

Gathering Peace

a novel based on a true story :

by Peggy Warren


:   296 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710121


:   978-1642710120

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:   5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 Inches

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:   12.2 Ounces


'Peggy Warren has accomplished one of fiction's most delicate high-wire acts: writing in the voice of a child, for adults. The innocence of childhood is deftly evoked in a bold girl's search for the hardest kind of gift for her father, peace and quiet and a changed life to boot. A gallery of fascinating characters each offers some truth in young Zoey's journey and, by book's end, we understand that, without even realizing it, our lives have changed too. -Burt Rashbaum, author Becoming an American and Tears For My Mother Peggy Warren has created a tender, heart-warming, poignant book for the young reader, as well as a light-hearted, entertaining read for any age-with an empowering message for parents to evaluate the precious moments with their family. -Alexandra Delis-Abrams Phd, author of Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices The journey into the soul of this book begins with a child searching for the perfect gift to give to her father. We soon discover that this is the yearning of the "child" in each of us: to give the perfect gift . . . to ourselves, and to others. How shall we give what we value most, not just once, but moment by moment? It's a treasure worth sharing! -Alexia Parks, author of Hardwired 10 Traits, Chairman How quickly the pages turn in Peggy Warren's Gathering Peace. The author is a gifted writer who strikes a fine balance between the naiveté and the incredible wisdom of a little girl. This lovely book will linger on in your heart long after it has been placed back on the shelf" -Rome Lester, Marriage & Family Therapist, Georgia Tech Counseling Center'

Peggy Warren


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Born in Toronto, Canada, Peggy has been an artist and painter all her life, forming her own publishing company when Very Much a Woman's Book was first printed. Peggy went on to write more books, but the woman's book was a huge success, so the focus on it was centered, and Peggy sold 20,000 copies. She retired and closed the publishing house in 1995, when she and her husband moved to the Colorado mountains. Peggy discontinued marketing, but goes on to sell from her website.






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