Gathering Peace

Gathering Peace

a novel based on a true story :

by Peggy Warren


:   296 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710121


:   978-1642710120

Product Dimension

:   5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 Inches

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:   12.2 Ounces


'Peggy Warren has accomplished one of fiction's most delicate high-wire acts: writing in the voice of a child, for adults. The innocence of childhood is deftly evoked in a bold girl's search for the hardest kind of gift for her father, peace and quiet and a changed life to boot. A gallery of fascinating characters each offers some truth in young Zoey's journey and, by book's end, we understand that, without even realizing it, our lives have changed too. -Burt Rashbaum, author Becoming an American and Tears For My Mother Peggy Warren has created a tender, heart-warming, poignant book for the young reader, as well as a light-hearted, entertaining read for any age-with an empowering message for parents to evaluate the precious moments with their family. -Alexandra Delis-Abrams Phd, author of Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices The journey into the soul of this book begins with a child searching for the perfect gift to give to her father. We soon discover that this is the yearning of the "child" in each of us: to give the perfect gift . . . to ourselves, and to others. How shall we give what we value most, not just once, but moment by moment? It's a treasure worth sharing! -Alexia Parks, author of Hardwired 10 Traits, Chairman How quickly the pages turn in Peggy Warren's Gathering Peace. The author is a gifted writer who strikes a fine balance between the naiveté and the incredible wisdom of a little girl. This lovely book will linger on in your heart long after it has been placed back on the shelf" -Rome Lester, Marriage & Family Therapist, Georgia Tech Counseling Center'

Peggy Warren


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