Ephus and the Praying Bushel

Ephus and the Praying Bushel


by Robert Paul Berry


:   56 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710326


:   978-1642710328

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:   8.5 x 0.1 x 11 inches

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:   5.4 Ounces


And so begins the travels of the time traveling, first-century Christian storyteller who appears in print for the first time in Ephus and the Praying Bushel.. Journey through time to the early days of the formation of the Christian church, and walk with Ephus Bar Isaiah as he travels the by ways of first-century Jerusalem. Meet Ephus' friends, Halakah bar Solomon, Ebenezer the Wealthy, and, of course, Yellow Dog. Follow them through their often humorous adventures as they learn to walk with Jesus and Develop their own ministries in the streets of Jerusalem and the nearby lands and villages Ephus bar Isaiah stories have touched the lives of so many through funny, beautifully written parables for the twenty-first century Christian reader. This amusing, exciting, and thought-provoking book will delight children of all ages.

Robert Paul Berry


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ROBERT PAUL BERRY was born in 1951 in San Francisco and had three children with his late wife, Barbara He began writing during his service in the US Army. He was a qualified Airborne-Ranger, Attaining the rank of the captain. Robert currently lives with his wife, Toni, in Martinez, California. Ephus and the Praying Bushel is his first book.





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