Annie’s Curse

Annie’s Curse


by Juanita Kay Ratz


:   148 Pages


:   Okir Publishing Inc.


:   English


:   1642710741


:   978-1642710748

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:   6 x 9 Inches

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Annie Simmons grew up poor in Wind Lake, Wisconsin. At the age of nineteen, her father tells her she has a very wealthy grandfather, who is dying, and who wants her to come live with him in his mansion in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is May of 1970, and she is on her way to Morris Manor in a limousine. Arriving at the mansion, she has flashbacks of things which are familiar to her, things she had dreamed of in her youth. She begins having nightmares of ghostly visions, flying above her head. She feels they are warning her of something. The wealthy life, which Annie had dreamed of for years, is not what she expected. The housekeeper if very cold to her, and her grandfather doesn’t know her sometimes. The maid, the cook, and her newly found boyfriend are the only people she can confide in. She finds out that her grandfather believes his wife was murdered, which everyone scoffs at, saying it was an accident. Her grandmother lost her footing on the steep cliff of Lake Michigan and had gone over the edge. Annie realizes she will have to solve her grandmother’s death to have the peace and happiness she yearns for.

Juanita Kay Ratz


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I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, married and moved to Tichigan, Wisconsin. When my boys were little, I picked up a pen and began writing, and that is how Annie’s Curse evolved in 1981. I put it aside for many years. I was a newspaper reporter for a few years until the paper folded. People loved to read the columns I wrote about events around the area, and human interest stories. I also covered board meetings at the school and the village. I married my second husband in 2003. We ran a business for seventeen years, and in 2013, retired up to Montello, Wisconsin. I polished up Annie’s Curse and had it published a couple of years ago, and also wrote a second and third book for the series. I have written a fourth book and am currently working on a fifth book. I like mystery writing over anything else.





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