A Dancer In Depth

A Dancer In Depth


by Stan Mazin


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Not a biography told in chronological order nor a business missive, this book takes you to a journey of reminiscences of Stanley Howard Mazin’s life. It recounts the enthralling tales of a man with extraordinary positive energy and one who is lucky enough to make a living doing what he loves in the theatrical field. Stan Mazin earnestly shares, through thoughts and personal antidotes, his philosophy and life lessons learned from his unique experiences. This book further chronicles his own reflections about family, friends in and outside the show business, and fascinating people that he met in his travels. Stan reveals himself as the dedicated, hardworking, loving, loyal, talented, and creative man he has always been, enabling him to live his passion for many years. One might dare suggest that the term ‘mensch’ suits the author to a tee, as readers may experience for themselves in this most sincere, heartfelt book.

Stan Mazin


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Stanley Howard Mazin, popularly known as Stan Mazin, has been in the show business since 1963. He has performed in several Broadway shows as well as The Carol Burnett Show for ten and a half years. He has acted in many films, such as The Blues Brothers (1980), Newsies (1992), Mame (1974), The Wedding Planner (2001), The Back-up Plan (2010), Dracula, Dead and Loving It (1995), The History of the World: Part 1 (1981), and Titanic (1997). His many sitcoms and TV shows include The George Carlin Show, Flying Blind, Mama&aposs Family, and many more, that won the Academy Awards, the Tony Award, the Emmy and The Teen Choice Awards. Stan&aposs TV Specials include Petula Clark&aposs Downtown, two Lena Home Specials, Mitzi Gaynor Specials, Michael Jackson&aposs MTV Special, and two Janet Jackson music videos. This book contains many stories involving himself as well as many celebrities he has worked with. Some of these stories are comical, a few are embarrassing, and some are extremely touching. Any reader who loves the show business will be delighted with these anecdotes. All this, added with his unique relationship with his family and the problems they face together make up the worthwhile pages of this book.


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