5 Days to Smarter Social Media Marketing for Authors

5 Days to Smarter Social Media Marketing for Authors

Do you often hear about social media marketing, but aren’t sure how it can help you sell more books? Or do you know how valuable social media sites are to your book marketing efforts, but aren’t sure where to begin? Learn about the nuts and bolts of different social channels so you can successfully come up with effective promotional strategies for your book and author brand.

Get access to resources and practical recommendations to improve the engagement and return on investment, or ROI, of your social media pages. In just five days, you will grasp the meaning of important social media concepts, gain insights about your target audience, and refine your strategy based on the results of your experiments.

Give yourself five days to cover the basics of social media marketing. If you follow these steps, you can get better results from your social media marketing efforts.

Day 1: Connect with your favorite crowd.

Why are you on social media? When you know who your favorite crowd is (the readers you wrote your book for) and where they like to hang out online, you can explore these spaces and make meaningful connections.

So, your first task is to understand the target crowds of each social channel. And then, decide which site can best help you meet your marketing goal. Here are some helpful statistical data regarding the users at popular social media sites:

  • Of the 1.57 billion YouTube users, 62% of them are males. Note that 80% of YouTube viewers are from outside the US.

  • Facebook boasts a user base of 2.2 billion (source: statista) yet the network admitted that more than 270 million of its users are fake or clone accounts.

  • Instagram has reached 800 million users; 120 million of its monthly active users are from the US.

  • Twitter has about 330 million users, of which 67 million are from the US and 13 million from the UK.

  • Pinterest has about 175 million users who are mostly based outside the US. Eighty-one percent of the site’s users are female.

If you want more details about the demographics of each social channel, check out Omnicore Agency and Statista.

Day 2: Focus on social channels that you already like or wish to explore.

Social channels - that “s” was not a typo. Two is a good number. Three might be spreading yourself thin.

Authors have different quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. Knowing yourself as a person and an author can help you decide which social channel you like and consistently use to interact with your fans and future readers.

If you are curious, give the major social media platforms a test run. If you already have some favorites, find ways to improve the engagement in those platforms. For instance, if you have a YouTube channel and you are comfortable Vlogging, do more of that. Meanwhile, a lot of new authors prefer to test Twitter.

This social site offers endless possibilities for connecting with readers and fellow writers. Budding authors can reach out to their favorite veteran novelists for advice or a retweet (if they’re feeling bold) and Twitter posts appear on Google Search (yes, Google indexes Twitter content). It’s like a form of micro-blogging, which means your tweets can gain more exposure and more visits from potential buyers of your book.

Day 3: Play around with social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

Tools for automating posts on social channels are heaven-sent. They have been saving authors from marketing hell for years. While many of these social media management tools require payment, some companies like Buffer and Hootsuite have free versions with limited features.

Take advantage of the free trial for Pro version of these tools. Then try them for a month. Schedule posts (e.g. your blog articles, an NY Times article, etc.) and update your status by bulk. For instance, you can manage your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page in one go via Hootsuite.

This does not only improve your efficiency but also helps you analyse the performance of your social media posts. Detailed analytics features are available for paid accounts, so if you like a specific tool after a few weeks of trial, subscribe to a yearly plan to get a discounted price.

Day 4: Get up to speed with the current trends in your industry, and share valuable news and tips using Feedly.

Do you like to read sales messages on your social media feeds? If you are like most people, you don’t enjoy seeing advertorials on your feeds all the time. To win the affection, respect, and trust of your target audience, start learning how to use Feedly.

Feedly is a life saver if you know how to use its power to its fullest potential. This application helps you gather, organize, and share interesting, highly-relevant, and much-talked about industry news. Effective curation is the secret of top content providers like Netflix and Amazon, if you haven’t noticed yet.

If you become the go-to person for the latest trends and coolest news in your niche, you carve yourself a valuable position in a noisy social media space. So vary your social media posts using the power of this aggregator. Practice until you perfect the art of curation.

Day 5: Measure and review your success, and keep refining your social media strategy.

Make measurement a habit. It’s a great motivator to keep refining your tactics and strategies. Each channel has its own analytics that you can review and learn from.

No matter how many posts about social media management you read online, nothing beats the insights that you gain from your own experience.

You will struggle at the beginning, so expect it. But if you keep at it, improving the process, experimenting with new ideas, or showing more of your authentic self online, you can find a social media strategy that suits your style and offers the highest ROI.

Devote at least five days to cover the basics of online promotion through social channels, and reap the benefits of informed, goal-oriented, and efficient social marketing efforts.


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