Patricia M. Haynes

Patricia M. Haynes


"I was born in NJ, but moved to NC as a young child. It was in NC that I learned to love nature and theanimals. We lived in hundreds of acres of woods. My siblings and I played in the woods and enjoyedall of nature that surrounded us.I always excelled in art as a young girl in school. When I became a young woman, I painted mostlandscapes and seascapes. Later in life I went to photography. I have a passion for taken photos ofthings of the world that are beautiful, but fleeting. A sunrise, a sunset, a child’s laughter, all kinds ofanimals. Precious moments don’t last long and I want to freeze them in time for individuals to enjoyfor a long time. I love to give people joy. Many individuals have told me; especially those who areold and dying that my photographs do give them pleasure. This pleases me.I am a peaceful, loving person, who cares for others I want to feel that my life makes a difference inthe world somehow and I would like to leave something behind when it is my tie to go that children,and adults of all ages can enjoy and learn from.All little creature depend on others to care for them; hopefully a mother. Just as the mother birdtaught, so do we, as humans teach our children. It is not that different. Children will rememberfrom this book the importantance of parents and also about Gods blessings in the world. He hasprovided for us. They will remember to share with others. I hope they learn manners and respect.There is much sadness in this world and I suppose there always will be, but if we take the time tocount our blessings, stop and take in the gifts that our Creator has given us, hopefully we will knowhow to survive, just as baby bird had to learn."

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