Aman Karan

Aman Karan


Aman Karan writes basically on contemporary subject-matters which cover lifestyles of people in cities, family matters, long-term relationships requiring commitments and responsibilities, and issues someone faces in personal life apart from topics related to war, corruption, and global terrorism. After graduating in mathematical modeling from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, he joined a scientific position in Japan. In 2011, he published his first novel, Henpecked—a family drama. Later, he penned down Target Locked in romance and mystery and a spy-thriller, NMD – Hide & Seek and independently put out their Kindle editions in 2017. On the whole, the characters of his stories comes from societies and his stories largely walk us through humors, emotions, distresses, and ways of life. Noticeably, he constructs his stories with numerous events and diverse scenarios that involves suspense and excitement often. As a result, each successive chapter presents a new story leaving one spellbound!

Aman Karan's Books

Target Locked


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