Jeanne Sanner

Jeanne Sanner


"Literally seeing The Light at the age of four planted the seed which grew into an uncompromising quest for spiritual truth and its fruits: divine love, tremendous joy, and a deep peace. Seeing The Light again in her 20’s proved to be Jeanne’s saving grace; she experienced the undeniable existence of a powerful love far greater than she could imagine. To really know who she is, experience her story. Her startling honesty is breathtaking, her courage is motivating, and her stalwart resilience is inspiring. Academically, Jeanne has her Bachelor’s in Psychology, her Master’s in Education, and her Doctorate in Spiritual Studies, but it is her unfaltering determination to not only find unconditional love but to live unconditional love that speaks volumes about who she is. She conducts classes in A Course in Miracles and is the founder of The Students of Unconditional Love (SOUL) club, and is a well sought after speaker."

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