David Batts

David Batts


Author David Batts I am 44 years old, born February 27, 1973 in Pine Bluff Arkansas to Wik Batts and Purthenia Batts. I attended Pine Bluff High School and graduated in 1991. I joined the U.S Army in 1992 and was stationed riley , Kansas . I married Mary Amanda Batts, After honorable discharge from the army in 1994 and briefly working construction and plumbers apprentice, I separated/divorced and moved back to Pine Bluff Arkansas and met Author Ta’lisha Batts. I have now been a registered nurse for the past 18 years and I live in Sacramento, California. Author Ta’lishia Batts Graduated Watson Chapel High School in 1995( Born on February 14 1977) in Pine Bluff Arkansas in 1996 and met Author David Batts in 1997. She and Author David Batts moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 2001. After residing there for 6 years, the couple moved to Dallas, Texas in 2007. Currently Author Ta’lishia Batts resides in Arlington, Texas as insurance verification for Texas Health Resource.

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Hard Acceleration


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