About Us


No book is ever too small for Okir. The Okir mantra revolves around the belief that any author has the power to create change. A book drafted for 10 holds the same weight as one written for legions.

Our innovative publishing solutions are rooted in empowering authors, big and small, to share their work with the world. We partner with you in tailor-fitting publication requirements that suit your book. Whether you are engaged in small or large-scale publishing, we treat it all the same: like a bestseller.


Our team has been in the industry of making dreams happen since 2006 – first as a marketing services provider, then as a publishing entity. Our collective experiences as artists and marketers have allowed us to be constantly on track to shape possibilities for anyone who has a story to tell.

We collaborate with some of the most respected names in the industry in providing customized and turnkey publishing, printing and marketing solutions from our headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our results-driven services help authors to transform ideas into a movement that inspires and leads.


Anyone in this era can independently publish a book. But not everyone can publish a book that sells. With our combined experience in marketing and publishing, we are able to design personalized solutions that not only engage your target readers but also match your specific needs and goals.

We are also one of a few publishing houses in the US that affords authors unparalleled freedom in all aspects of publishing, from the creative process to distribution rights and royalties.

Publishing has never been so simple and enjoyable.


Absolute freedom in pricing

At Okir, we believe that every hard-earned literary work deserves just compensation. As a content creator, you get unbridled control in pricing your work – no hidden fees or commissions.

Customized solutions for varying needs

When it comes to books, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Our publishing, printing and marketing services are designed according to each individual author's unique requirements and goals.

100% author-acquired royalty

We are among a rare breed of publishing houses that believes royalty belongs to authors and authors alone. When you sell a book, you will take home all royalty – no ifs, no buts.

Dedicated end-to-end support

Your success is our priority. From publishing to selling your book, you will enjoy premium support that fits your needs and ensures your books are read by relevant audiences.

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Our Mission

As a publishing entity, Okir Publishing’s mission is to provide outstanding, innovative, and results-driven services for our authors while ensuring that each of them is given individualized and needs-based solutions for their publishing endeavor. As a business entity, Okir Publishing fosters an environment that encourages career growth for each member of the organization while promoting the values of integrity and respect.

Our Vision

Okir Publishing aspires to help authors inspire. The company aims to publish books that can make a difference, no matter how small, and contribute to making the world a better place. Emanating synergy from its core, the company further envisions itself becoming a leading organization in the publishing industry driven by genuine passion and a strong commitment to excellence.


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