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    I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library
    -Jorge Luis Borge
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Latest Books

Seekers of His Heart

Quack and Waddle's First Adventure

In Quack and Waddle’s First Adventure, two young Mallard ducks visit the world outside their quiet lake to meet new friends and have new experiences. Waddle is a curious and daring duck and can hardly wait to explore but Quack, her cautious but faithful companion, is a little less eager to leave the safety of the lake. During their first adventure they are laughed at by a rabbit, attacked by a hawk, amazed by a possum, chased by a cat, outraged by a raccoon and befriended by a group of small birds in this new world that they explore. Like anyone who travels, they are happy to go home to their own world in the end but are better ducks for their experience. But beware Quack…Waddle is already busy planning her next adventure.

Faded Glory

We Have All Been Broken


After the death of my mom in October of 2010, Orbs started to show up in 90 % of my photos, The 5 page story describes my first encounter with them.

Baby Snakes

19th Century Calcutta, the decadent, bleached capital built to house the bureaucracy of one of the most powerful and complex Empires in world history, makes strange bedfellows of the glamorous and dangerous, as represented by the elite, unconventional Moran family, their colourful acquaintances, and their by-blows. One must be mad to like Calcutta. It is an enigma wrapped in decay and a good place to go insane unnoticed. Delia Moran liked Calcutta very much.

Winds of Change

“The author captures every aspect of a great novel. It has action, suspense, romance, drama, faith mixed in with fact and fiction. The way he incorporates all aspects is intriguing.” —Mr. Adams, High School Teacher. The end times; a bomb more powerful than the atomic bomb; time travel— are they possible? Who knows? But if you were given a chance, how would you rewrite history?

Southern Discomfort

Jory Berg Alexander is beautiful, talented, cultured, refined and well educated--a sophisticated young San Francisco socialite and a recent graduate of the oldest and most prestigious all-girls boarding school in the Maryland hunt country. She is also an accomplished equestrian who received national recognition at a young age. Her passion for riding consumes every aspect of her life, and nothing can derail her plans for success--until she meets Nat. He is unlike anyone she has ever known--undisciplined and arrogant, with a volatile temper and a southern accent nearly incomprehensible to her ear. He is handsome, charismatic, and charming when it suits him, but his charm hides a darker side of insecurity and ignorance. He is the product of a small rural town, rife with suspicion and steeped in a tradition of intolerance and prejudice. As their passion for each other grows, the differences between them intensifies; until betrayal and deceit finally creep in to poison and possibly destroy their relationship. Opposites may attract, but for how long, and to what end? In this novel, a San Francisco socialite unwittingly becomes involved with a rakish young man from the rural South while searching for ideal love.

New Kid In Town

Inside My Mind

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