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    JAVITS CENTER, MAY 28 - JUNE 3, 2018
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    Love can be immortalized!
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    I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library
    -Jorge Luis Borge
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Latest Books

Seekers of His Heart

We Have All Been Broken

Baby Snakes

19th Century Calcutta, the decadent, bleached capital built to house the bureaucracy of one of the most powerful and complex Empires in world history, makes strange bedfellows of the glamorous and dangerous, as represented by the elite, unconventional Moran family, their colourful acquaintances, and their by-blows. One must be mad to like Calcutta. It is an enigma wrapped in decay and a good place to go insane unnoticed. Delia Moran liked Calcutta very much.

Winds of Change

“The author captures every aspect of a great novel. It has action, suspense, romance, drama, faith mixed in with fact and fiction. The way he incorporates all aspects is intriguing.” —Mr. Adams, High School Teacher. The end times; a bomb more powerful than the atomic bomb; time travel— are they possible? Who knows? But if you were given a chance, how would you rewrite history?

No Holds Barred

Seven II - God Reveals

Each chapter begins with a scripture, followed by a short story, and concludes with a powerful message. The stories were created to illustrate or teach truth. Although they are fictional, they could have happened. For example, Chapter Five: Abstruse is about three men (a professor a dentist, and a anesthiologist). They met while attending a sport training camp. The men just happened to have a common interest in climbing, hiking, and mountaineering. They realized that climbing Mount Everest was on eack one of their to-do-list. At first when they arrived, the men sat motionless, watching the ground shift. It was like a bunch of ice cubes were continually tumbling down the mountain wall. Yet, the beauty of the view at the top of the mountain made the earth's troubles seem even more horrifying!

Who Cares Who Is Blue?

This is a poem about our skin. Do we like others for who they are or just because of the way they look? ************ In this era of social media and globalization, there can be no excuse for arbitrary exclusion of anyone who seeks to find a place in the world to settle and thrive. Yet such exclusion is pervasive the world around. In a speech to the UN on September 24, 2014, President Obama declared that "No children -- anywhere -- should be educated to hate other people. . . . no matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or what God you pray to, or who you love, there is something fundamental that we all share." How much of the hatred we wake up to each morning begins with learning to despise or to fear people whose skin looks different from our own? One of the most superficial differences between us is the colors of our skins; yet skin color can become a trigger for antipathy, discrimination, and violence. Fear of the other. Fear of the different. Fear of "them." Mankind needs to grow up, but only children can effect that in a lasting way. Children are not born hating; they have to be taught how; for they begin their lives without prejudice. Let's teach children instead that they are right. This is a book children can hear or read and enjoy because the words and pictures are fun and funny. It is a book adults should study!

The Infallible Way

In 'The Infallible Way', author Jule Gaige guides the reader on a journey of self discovery that will bring real contentment, peace and personal empowerment.

One In A Million

ONE IN A MILLION, by Christine Marie Blai, opens in San Francisco with the heroine Mariette Stuart, a 24 year old student, trying to enjoy her two-week vacation. When things don’t work out for her, she decides to follow a group of women into the Civic Center Auditorium for what she assumes will be another tour. However, it turns out to be one more disappointment and while making her way to the outside door, she runs into another crush of women who are pushing and shouting questions to an incredibly handsome man. When the near riot quiets down, she feels ridiculously amused by the process and shouts out the goofiest question she can think of. The man turns to her with a brilliant smile, and thus starts a delightful love story full of emotion, sexual tension, good action, wonderful dialogue, etc. The hero, concert pianist Christian Stanislaus is home after a long concert tour. On the day they meet, they have lunch together. She is smitten, but believes nothing will come of their meeting, until that evening when a bouquet of flowers from Christian is delivered to her hotel room. The dialogue and tension in this romance is absolutely great, and I confess I couldn’t put the book down. It is filled with emotion and humor. I alternately laughed and cried. Of course, like most romances, the plot rises with love and humor, but gets darker with doubt and suspicion. This book would be great on a rainy day when the reader is feeling the need for warmth and love.

Miranda's Wish

Miranda has the greatest problem on her shoulders. Her poor mother is very sick, and the doctor tells Miranda’s father that only a miracle could save her. As Miranda searches through the forest for the Magic Wishing Well, which she hopes will grant her the miracle she needs, she encounters many furry friends who help her on her way. From Ollie the wise owl to Allie the tiny bunny and even Tommy the Tortoise, Miranda is very fortunate to find such warm, affectionate creatures who led her to the special place, which until now only existed in her imagination. The fantastic presence of Solana the Sun Fairy guides Miranda through the conclusion of her quest. Will Miranda find the miracle she seeks? Will her mother be re-energized by the spiritual world of Miranda’s adventurous quest? Only the mysteries of the forest hold answers to these burning questions.

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